My work in textiles – samples

It’s been SO long since I have posted anything, I almost forgot I had this blog.

Recently I had been working for a textile manufacturer as a graphic designer.  The company would receive work from artists (ie. paintings, drawings, vector art, etc.) and I and other designers would take the art apart and rearrange the motifs into repeat patterns.  Everything was done on the computer – we used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  After the patterns were done and sent to the mill, presentations had to be printed.  Along with printed pages showing the patterns mock quilts and projects were shown to customers as well.  We designers were so good at mocking up the projects, people thought they were actually photographs!

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If I wasn’t an amateur …

… I’d have done more than just design these.  Oh well maybe someday they will get made.

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Project in the Works

Now that my travel bag is finished, I’m going to work on finishing this top that I started crocheting.  It’s got single stitch ribbing from under the bust to the hem and it’s going to have single stitch on the bodice with a butterfly profile motif scattered across it.  The ribbing is tri-colored – blue, orange and light green.  I think I will make the bodice background the green color and the butterflies the blue and orange.  The straps will be different colors – one blue and the other orange.  Not sure if this will end up being a sleep/lounge top or one that can be worn out and about.  I was thinking of making matching bottoms of some sort, but don’t believe I will have enough yarn left over (unless I make a thong) – we’ll see.

I will put up a picture once it is finished along with the pattern.

International Travel Bag

Here is my first attempt at sharing a sewing pattern.  I had this really cool fabric that I had bought and didn’t know what to do with.  It was a heavy red cotton with the names of international fashion capitols painted in white.  A little too much for a garment – jacket or skirt – but it turned out great as a bag.  I used this light purple fabric I had lying around for the lining – gave great contrast.  Now all I need is somewhere to travel to.


International Travel Bag

International Travel Bag Pattern

International Travel Bag Instructions

A few sewing projects

Here are some pics of my favorite sewing projects from over the years.  Every piece is designed and sewn by me.  One day when I get good, I will upload a few of the patterns for consumer consumption (free of course).  So enjoy and give me some feed back if you so choose.  Would love know what you think about the designs.