This is ME

Headshot of AnyaI am a wannabe fashion designer and  amateur crocheter.  I went to Brooks College in Long Beach, CA (it is no longer there anymore), AIU in Buckhead, GA, and LA Trade Tech in Los Angeles, CA for my schooling.  Unfortunately, for all the schools I have been to, I have only received an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design and that was from Brooks.  That is not to say I did not learn anything from the other institutions – in fact I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for fashion design at LATTC.  

Since school I have been a legal assistant for a collection agency, receptionist for a salon and spa, graphic designer for a stationary manufacturer, and a cad artist for a textile company.  As you can see there is nothing that relates to my schooling, although with the stationary and textile companies I got to use my Photoshop and Illustrator skills.  The fashion industry is difficult to get into if you only have an AA, don’t know anyone in the industry, or don’t have the money to do an internship (as they aren’t usually paid).  So… the way I use my education is to use bits and pieces to get jobs like the computer skills and to create my fashion at home.  

When I am not working or creating I am an avid reader.  I prefer romance (suspense, thriller, mystery, paranormal, and historical – preferably a combination); science fiction and fantasy; and some contemporary (is Tom Dorsey contemporary?).  I can read a novel in a day or two.  I go to the library and check out a handful of books and come back the next week to drop off the books I have read and get new ones.  I constantly have at least one book being read at all times.  

I am sarcastic or facetious – I’m not sure which and quick witted – I can’t help it it runs in the family.  I am a people watcher, a cat lover, and a quick learner.  One day I will fulfill one of my dreams to travel – here, there, & everywhere.

I have projects on Ravelry, Burda and a portfolio on Style Portfolios ~ check them out or not, but you may find some awesome projects that you would like to do on Ravelry and Burda.

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