Gold Coast Goods

Just a quick update…

Currently I am doing contract sewing for a new accessories site called Gold Coast Goods.

Gold Coast Goods

They are company based in California ran by a mother-daughter team in both Northern and Southern California.  They create and sell ties, bow ties, neckerchiefs and pocket squares.

I do the initial sewing of the ties – sewing the body together and adding the facings.  Jan, the mother, then does the finishing.  I’ve found that it takes me 30 minutes or so to do one tie (sorry I am slow).  As far as I know they are selling online, in 14 physical stores and are doing orders for a Kickstarter campaign for a group that want to do suits for women (sorry I cannot remember what the company is called).   With all those stores it’s difficult to imagine that all the sewing is done just by one person with help from me.

In a month or so a new line will come out for the Holiday season – dark reds, blues, blacks, and grays.  I  believe the new line is called Napa (all the lines will be taken from different areas in California, but don’t quote me).